Monday, April 11, 2005

Captain we've caught boys in the nets Posted by Hello

Fancy jumping in? Posted by Hello

What colour would you say that water was? Posted by Hello

Beached at Es Palmador Posted by Hello

Under the shade - breath in they're taking pictures Posted by Hello

Is Charlie missing an Angel? Posted by Hello

Handsome devils Posted by Hello

This was supposed to be a picture of your crew but I slipped when I took this.  Posted by Hello

Arty Posted by Hello

Small boys welcome Posted by Hello

The things you see when you don't have your gun! Posted by Hello

Fun for everyone! Posted by Hello

Babes are extra! Posted by Hello

Ibiza Town of the Starboard side. Posted by Hello

Sail-Ibiza HQ we take your calls and emails seriously. Posted by Hello

Skipper Jennison having a wee. Posted by Hello

Relaxing up front. Posted by Hello

Es Vedra Posted by Hello

Could everyone look like they're having a great time for the camera please! Posted by Hello

either relaxed or a big night in Pasha Posted by Hello

Chilling on the way to Formenterra. Posted by Hello

Have a go at Sailing yourself! Posted by Hello

Don't panic we won't make you do this! Posted by Hello

Can sail in very little wind Posted by Hello

Fun with a bit of wind Posted by Hello

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